Entire production process happens in one place. 100% Made in Hong Kong.

While every piece of knitwear is uniquely made by many hands and hearts, advanced machinery and new technology help us ensure quality consistency and standardization. We are able to produce quality and delicate knitwear that would not have been achievable in the 20th century.

L plus H has the capacity of producing 10,000 pieces of premium quality knitwear items per month.

Our competitive edge lies in the superior quality of our products. We invested in state-of-the-art machinery, such as Stoll and Matsuya computerized knitting machines, 22 gauge linking machines, and computerized washing and pressing machines imported from Italy to help us make premium knitwear garments for local and overseas customers.

Sophisticated Knitting Technique
Whereas 12 gauge garments are usually considered "fine knitwear" in the conventional market, we go one step further by producing 14 or 16 gauge knitwear which is very unique in the market.

To give us flexibility and control, we have our own embroidery machine (Tajima) in our factory. While most knitwear manufacturer will sub-contract the embroidery procedure to others, we decide to have it in-house. With that, our products are 100% made in Hong Kong. Most importantly, we can manage the quality in real-time.