We want our production to be environmentally sustainable. Not only green measures can protect our environment, they can also improve productivity and reduce production costs. Hence, we make it a priority to foster working conditions of efficiency and environmental friendliness when building our factory.

Energy-saving air-conditioner provides a comfortable and quiet work environment:

Our VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume)Air-Conditioning System has a highly intelligent inverter-driven compressor which enables precise room-temperature control and advanced zoning capability to enhance energy efficiency

Environmentally friendly Fluorescent Tubes (Synergy Lighting) brightens up the factory with less energy:

  • We use Fluorescent Tubes from Synergy Lighting. They reduce up to 60% of energy consumption and 50% of heat generation because they have lower mercury dosage compared to conventional T8 tubes.
  • This lighting system also enhances luminosity (brightness) by 20% and also reduces lumen depreciation by using new generation of tri-phosphor and embedded nano reflective material.