Stakeholders of L plus H

To actualize our mission – ‘With the community, for the community’, we never walk alone.

We are blessed with the on-going support from L plus H’s stakeholders including:

Zymmetry (for R.F.I.D and QA systems)
Chemtax (for Stoll Computerized Knitting Machines)
Matsuya Machinery (for Computerized Knitting Machines)
Tajima Embroidery (for 4-headed embroidery machine)
Central Textiles (for yarn unwinding machine)
ASP Creation (智能下數紙®)
Synergy Group Holdings International Limited
Raw Materials
Wiseknit Fashion
Natalia Fashion
Che Foong Woollen
Jadeboard Agencies
Esquel Enterprise
Fastex (Hong Kong)
Wing Wah Dyeing
Asia Miles Limited
Cathay Pacific Airways Limited
Pfizer Corporation Hong Kong (Corporate Wellness Program)
Synthesis Design
Hiromono Design and Contracting
Wing Wah Dyeing
Swishclub Thai Boxing
Ninedays Photography
Harmony Asset
Paul Cheng 鄭明訓
Chi-Ming Cho 曹志明(曹仁超)
Tai-Lok Lui 呂大樂
Maria Lam 林浣心
Shirley Loo 羅乃萱
Siu-Wai Lit 列小慧
Muriel Ma 馬鎮梅
Ciel Choy
Ruby Yang 楊紫燁
Alfred Cheung 張堅庭
Travis Pang
Jam City Hip Hop Studio
Wilkinson & Grist - Intellectual Property
Chematco Limited