Bring manufacturing back. Restore displaced workers’ dignity|提供就業機會,讓被遺忘的人織出尊嚴

L plus H = Love + Hope

L plus H Fashion is created with the community and for the community. Through “Love” and “Hope”, we are committed to creating positive impacts on the lives of our employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

At the peak of the global financial crisis in 2008, five bold and socially-driven industrialists and entrepreneurs from Hong Kong believed that manufacturing could provide a safety net for the society and founded L plus H Fashion. The founders aspire to re-vitalize and re-define the “Made in Hong Kong” label and they know that this can only be achieved by innovation rooted in Hong Kong’s rich heritage of textile manufacturing.

By bringing manufacturing back to Hong Kong, we aim to create meaningful job opportunities for displaced skillful workers. As employees’ capabilities are elevated to meet the world-class quality standard, they begin to restore their self-esteem and dignity.

With our vision in building a modern company driven by strong product development and industrial engineering, we strive to incubate a new generation of fashion designers, knitwear artisans and entrepreneurs for Hong Kong. Regardless of their academic achievements, younger employees receive all-round on-the-job training to acquire entrepreneurial skills.


L plus H Fashion 於香港屯門重新設置毛衫工廠,重塑「香港精神」,不但提供就業機會,更把員工的技術提升至世界級水平,讓昔日被遺忘的人重新織出尊嚴。

同時,L plus H Fashion 願意提供多元發展空間,讓「肯學肯捱」的年輕人不論學歷,有機會向上流,學習管理和企業家精神,「織造未來」。