With the community. For the community. L plus H Fashion


Our mission is to draw people together to forge a new path and a better future for our society as a whole, and ourselves as individuals.

Not everyone is given a fair chance. Nor does everyone do well according to the mainstream definition of success. But at L plus H, we provide opportunities for every employee to grow and thrive. Through making knitwear for world class brands, we transform people’s lives by elevating their capabilities to become the next generation of entrepreneurs and managers in the manufacturing sector.

We bring manufacturing back to Hong Kong to provide new opportunities for our society. For those who were once displaced, they regain their dignity by applying their craftsmanship skills in making world-class designer knitwear. For those who weren’t given the opportunity but are passionate to learn and are willing to embrace challenges, they have another chance to develop their career and future.

A Hong Kong social enterprise

L plus H was designed to be a unique, socially driven commercial entity which operates on the principle of “double bottom-lines”: our social responsibility is as important as our financial viability. Our social missions are blended into our daily operation and manifested in daily management. To keep our social missions alive, we need to be financially sustainable.