Real-time quality control and production performance data analytic

We embrace technology to revolutionize the manufacturing process to compete in the world-class knitwear market.

What worked in the past may not work in the present. We redefine how a factory should be run. In order to compete in the modern economy, we adopt technology and discipline measures that enhance management control, productivity, and quality.

RFID system (Radio Frequency Identification) to revolutionize the production process:

  • Every workstation is equipped with an RFID reader and Internet cable to track the production flow of each piece of garment

  • Improved management control: This RFID system (developed by Zymmetry of Wing Tai Group) generates real-time productivity reports to assist the management team in tracking production flow and making timely production plans

  • Enhanced productivity: Worker performance reports provide real-time information to both management and workers on individual efficiency

  • Quality assurance: The RFID technology makes it possible for our QC Inspectors to trace defective products back to the workers who produce them, thus ensuring that defects are promptly fixed and workers are accountable for the quality of their work. As a result, we have an extremely small percentage of defects.

  • With the support of Zymmertry's ERP system, the management team can now have a bird's eye view on the entire production cycle, from planning, bill of materials, work orders, scheduling, capacity, workflow management, quality control, cost management, manufacturing process, manufacturing projects, manufacturing flow, activity-based costing to product lifecycle management.

  • Implementation to the fullest: We train our team leaders to leverage the productivity report to forecast delivery time and quantity. Our team leaders truly embrace the system. And who says technology is only for the young? One of our team leaders, Ms. Tse at her age of 58, reads and analyzes the RFID report every day!

5S Principles for effective management:

  • A strict implementation of 5S Principles to maintain an efficient and effective workplace through sorting, setting order, sanitizing, standardizing, and sustaining.

Visual management for better understanding and performance:

  • Real-time display of worker performance to improve productivity and reduce defects

  • Categorization of various sizes is made clear and easy with color codes

  • Use of color pictures to illustrate instructions, procedures and requirements for the workers