Elevate workers’ skill to meet the world class standard |提升員工技術至世界級水平


At L plus H, we are committed to delivering the best quality of service and products made by the best people with state-of-the-art technology. Driven by a shared pride and belief that the “Made in Hong Kong” label embodies excellence in product quality and management practice, we seamlessly combine our craftsmanship with product development to create top-quality products that can be found on the shelves of some of the world’s most renowned designer labels and of our own label sold to discerning customers. Learn More


To meet the demands of our brand clients who are predominantly black labels and premium lines, we re-define and even revolutionize the practice of a modern factory. We are a learning organization with a flexible set-up designed to produce small quantity of products that are highly complex and require attention to extra-fine details. Our factory is managed on the basis of industrial engineering, upstream management, visual aid control, and team work.

In order to stay competitive in the fast-changing fashion industry, we invest significantly on product development that gives inspiration and multiple solutions to enhance client designers' creativity and technicality. We also invest in modern technology and enforce strict management discipline essential for superior management control, productivity and quality. Learn More


In order to survive and thrive collectively in the competitive market, all L plus H employees constantly undergo a process of adaptation that elevates our hard and soft skills to the highest standard of product quality and service excellence.

All changes cause pain and uneasiness because transformation involves changes in some of our old habits, attitudes, values, and beliefs. Yet, L plus H has proved that regardless of our staff's age, gender, background, and education level, everyone being given the training and opportunity has the capability to learn, grow and move forward. Our middle-aged employees have stepped out of their comfort zone into the learning zone where their 20-30 years knitwear experience serves as a solid foundation for yet another level of excellence that has raised many eye-brows of our brand clients. Our young managers and technicians also learn to think beyond their own scope of work and expand their horizon to entrepreneurship. Everyone from any rank and file has learned to proactively provide multiple solutions to clients and to take ownership of the company.

This emphasis on adaptation and people development distinguishes L plus H as a learning organization that is the cornerstone of our continuous improvement. This is the source of strength and courage for L plus H to overcome one challenge after another and become, to quote one of our brand clients, "a team and a culture that is honorable and inspiring!" Learn More


We take business ethics seriously because we believe we can play fair and win, and because it is the right thing to do. We are committed to being honest to our customers and adhering to the highest standard of integrity. Learn More


As a social enterprise, we are profit-making but not profit-maximizing. We believe the success of our business is not only reflected on the balance sheet but also measured by the positive transformation in the lives of our employees as much as our stakeholders. L plus H exists because of our belief in the power of community. By serving “with the community, for the community,” we can strengthen our social fabric by bringing together individuals from all walks of life to contribute to a common cause. Learn More