Company Structure and Milestones |綿德社利有限公司架構及里程碑

The structure of L plus H CIC

L plus H Fashion is a subsidiary of L plus H Community Interest Company Ltd. The concept behind L plus H Community Interest Company originated from the CIC Regulation 2005 of the United Kingdom, under which:

1) Shareholder dividends cannot exceed 35% of the company's profits, that is, the company has to reinvest at least 65% of its profits, either in acquiring new equipment, or for social purposes;
2) The company's assets can only be used either on the company or for social purposes.

In contrast to conventional social enterprises, L plus H emphasizes on creating social value through commercial activities. It has more flexibility in its operations when compared to social enterprises founded by non-profit organizations.

L plus H has double bottom-lines: it has to create social value while staying financially sustainable. In other words, we blend our social missions with daily operation and management.

L plus H Fashion 是綿德社利有限公司 (L plus H Community Interest Company Ltd )的子公司。公司的概念源自英國法例CIC Regulation 2005,當中規定:

(1) 股東從公司利潤所得的分紅不可超過35%,即公司至少要將65%的利潤再投資於公司發展如購入新器材或用於其他社會用途;
(2) 公司資產只可用於公司或其他社會用途。

與一般社會企業 (Social Enterprise) 不同,L plus H較著重以商業模式推動社會價值的創造 (social value creation),而且比一般非牟利機構 (non-profit organization) 創辦的社會企業更具營運彈性。

L plus H 具有雙重底線 (double bottom-lines):一方面創造社會價值,一方面亦要保持公司財政持續性 (financial sustainability)。亦即是說,L plus H把社會使命融入到管理和日常營運中。